Recollections & Images from Detroit's Baby Boomer Years

1939 - 1980


People love nostalgia and they love lists, especially those special ones that remind them about growing up in their hometown. And if they’re Baby Boomers from Detroit, or lived close by, they will love this new book. 5000 Ways You Know You’re From Detroit is a compelling journey back in time: Detroit icons, drive-ins, diners, bars, movie houses, hotels, fun spots, downtown, the suburbs, sport legends, music makers and entertainers, local TV and radio, all things Made in Detroit, including of course cars – lots of cars.


Painstakingly researched and lavishly illustrated with 1,400+ color and black & white images, 5000 Ways You Know You’re From Detroit is a light hearted – and oftentimes serious look – at Detroit during the Motor City’s Baby Boomer years. 


The book opens with a look at the devastating impact of the Great Depression on Detroit’s citizens and industry at the approach of World War II, follows the city’s formidable rise as the “Arsenal of Democracy,” and Detroit’s post-war “golden” years, its impact on music and culture, its tragic collapse and through it all,Detroit’s resiliency and “can do attitude,” fueled by its hard-working citizens.


This luscious volume is an eclectic collection of 20th century Detroit stories and photos, culled from hours of meticulous fact-finding, supplemented by a pool of talented contributors and photographers. 


  • Features 20 Chapters Highlighting Detroit’s Baby Boomer Years (post WWII)
  • Includes Pre- & Post- Boomer Era Detroit History Highlights


For more than 20 years, urban historians and publishers Elaine Weeks and Chris Edwards have been documenting the Border Cities remarkable and fascinating heritage.

5000 Ways You Know You're From Detroit

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