Pairing a riveting collection of archival and contemporary landmark photographs side-by-side, Windsor: Before & After provides a fascinating and bittersweet chronicle of both the city’s lost and surviving built heritage. 


Windsor: Before & After reveals the city of Windsor’s structural evolution during its rise as a manufacturing powerhouse in the 19th and 20th century, compared to its early 21st century altered reality.


This lavishly illustrated book brings neighborhoods back to life, unsealing a Windsor that once was.




  • the transformation of downtown

  • Walkerville, Hiram Walker’s company town

  • the chaotic, meteoric rise of Ford City

  • historic Sandwich

  • Ojibway – the town that never happened

  • the West End

  • a tour through neighbourhoods, including East Windsor and Riverside.

  • an impressive roster of local drinking establishments as they were and are