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About Us

Partners Chris Edwards and Elaine Weeks are co-owners of Walkerville Publishing.
Together, they have authored and published nine books about the history of the Windsor/Detroit area
beginning with the 2004 award-winning volume “Best of The Times Magazine."

Walkerville Publishing has also partnered with local historians on 20 books,
and over 
60 authors who self-published their work.

Elaine Weeks

Elaine has a B.A. in English from the University of Windsor plus two years of
postgraduate studies in Visual Arts. 
She’s a community builder with over 30 years experience in advertising, public relations, event planning, publishing, writing, editing, photography, conservation and heritage preservation. Her actions earned her the 2004 Windsor Chamber of Commerce
Business Excellence Award.
She’s written a fiction novel called “Time Trespasser” and is working on a sequel.

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Chris Edwards

Chris holds a Master of Arts in Communication Studies degree from the University of Windsor, and has been an instructor at the University of Windsor, St. Clair College and Elder College.
He is a publisher, photographer, digital design pioneer, educator and world-traveller.
Chris has co-owned three advertising/marketing agencies, worked at one of Canada’s original Internet Solutions start-ups and has managed numerous traditional and new media projects.

He currently manages a travel blog at


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Combining Elaine’s writing and editing skills with Chris’ publishing and digital design expertise,
the couple has successfully preserved local history through traditional and digital publishing projects.

This dynamic duo also published 61 editions of The Walkerville Times, (1999-2008).

You can read every issue here.


  • Brewed in Windsor: A Tasty History

  • 500 Ways You Know You’re From Windsor
    (Three  Editions: 2012, 2013, 2018, Canadian bestseller)

  • Windsor Then: A Pictorial Essay of Windsor Ontario’s Glorious Past



  • Best of the Times Magazine
    (Two Editions: 2004-2006, Canadian bestseller, out of print)

  • Postcards from the Past, Volume 1: Windsor and the Border Cities (2007)

  • A Forgotten City (2013)

  • 5000 Ways You Know You're Detroit (2018)

  • Walkerville: Whisky Town Extraordinaire (2016)

  • Windsor: Before & After (2019)


  • Heritage Buildings of Amherstburg ( with Meg Reiner and Black Dog Entertainment)

  • SKIM: Milk, Money & Murder, with Steve Byrne

  • The Canadian Whisky Master Class: Volume 1 and 2, with Don Livermore

  • Hiram Walker's Railroad: The Lake Erie & Detroit Railroad, with David Guay

  • Made in Windsor: The Anchor Lamina Way, with Claire Winterbottom

  • Valiant: Many Hands, One Vision, with Marty Solcz

  • Colautti Brothers: Our First 100 Years, with Tom Marshall

  • Duty Nobly Done: The Official History of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment

  • Murder on the Thames, with Sheila Gibbs

  • Windsor Construction Association: Celebrating a Century, with Jim Lyons

  • Personal Papers of Dr. J. Leddy, with George McMahon

  • One Hundred Years: A History of Essex Golf and Country Club, with Jeff Mingay and Richard Carr

  • The Immigrant from Soprapuldo: A Journey of Faith, with Frank Bagatto

  • Was I Ever Lucky!, with Barbara Kersey

  • A Bad Penny Always Comes Back, with Glen Mitchell

  • Halfway Home: St. Leonard's Society 50th Anniversary, with Skip Graham

  • Finding Bill, with Henrietta O'Neill

  • The Officer's Daughter, with Wilma Patterson

  • Grandpa's Story: The O'Donnell Family History, with Jim O'Donnell

  • King Edward Public School: 100th Reunion


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